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Natural Language from Jennifer Aniston: Movies

Jennifer Aniston's Movie Tastes
                                                                                                Jennifer Aniston

Question:  What sort of films do you watch?

Jennifer Aniston:  I love old movies and I still watch classics 
                            like Wuthering Heights.
 (Note: Wuthering Heights is an old black-and-white film from 1939)

Jennifer’s speaking pattern is casual/informal because of the use of ‘and’ to connect two complete sentences.   For a native speaker, the linking of the two complete sentences with ‘and’ feels smooth, casual, and common. 

Another reason her English sounds natural/casual is because she uses ‘like’ to mean example (like = example in this case).  This use of ‘like’ is common in conversation. 

Jennifer’s speaking strategy is great for creating conversation. I know it is a good idea to continue talking about this subject with her.  It is a subject she likes to talk about. 
Why do I feel this way?
Jennifer uses the word ‘love’.  Also, Jennifer tells us a category ‘old movies’ and an example ‘Wuthering Heights’.  Many people who are not good at conversation give one word answers or very short answers.  For example:

Question:  What sort of films do you watch?
Answer:    Old movies.
When a native speaker hears this style they might think that the person doesn’t want to about this topic.  They may also feel that the person doesn’t want to talk to them.

So, for me, Jennifer gives me signals to ask another movie question or continue talking about classic movies.

I hope you will give this style a try in your next conversation.  Here is Jennifer’s language pattern for you to expand your conversation style:

 Jennifer Anniston: I love old movies and I still watch classics like 
                                  Wuthering Heights.

                I love __________ and I still _________ like ________.

Here are some examples to help you out if it is a bit difficult.


I love science fiction movies and I still watch classics like Star Wars.            
I love action movies and I still watch classics like Indiana Jones.
I love romantic films and I still watch classics like Ghost and Pretty Woman.

So, even with simple English we can make an interesting and natural conversation.  I hope you will try it in your daily life. 

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