Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Justin Bieber: Japanese crisis

Justin Bieber in Japan
                                                                       Justin Bieber
These days, natural disasters affect the global community.  It seems a ‘universal culture’ is becoming more of a reality.  In the past 10 years, I have had many friends and family affected by natural disasters. 

When I started learning foreign languages, I was often unsure of what to say in times of difficulty or crisis.  The other day, I was happy to see Justin Bieber expressing his feelings toward Japan.

He uses a common expression to show concern:

“My prayers go out to them (the Japanese people).”  
                                           Justin Bieber on Twitter

There can be two ideas about the expression:
1.In a religious sense, it means to ask a ‘higher power’ (God) to help the Japanese people.
2.In another sense, it means to hope/wish for something to happen to help the Japanese people. 

However, either ideas show the speaker’s feeling toward a positive outcome to a bad situation. 

The word 'prayer' is the common denominator in expressions of natural English during ‘times of hardship’.

Other Celebrity quotes for the Japanese people using the word  'prayer'.

*"I am sending all my love, prayers and support."*
                                                               Selena Gomez on Twitter

*"My prayers go out to anyone that is being effected by the disaster in Japan.”*
            Katy Perry on Twitter

*"I'm sending my thoughts and prayers and love to those in Japan who are hurting."*
                         Taylor Swift on Twitter

*"Our hearts and prayers are with all of our BSB family in Japan. We love you all so much.  Please try to stay safe. ... Kisses and hugs from us!"*
              Backstreet Boys on Twitter

For current information on Japan's nuclear crisis and ways you can help ~ click on the link below:

Japanese Red Cross

Justin in Japan trying to help out.

My thoughts and prayers are always with the people of Japan. I am sorry for the hardships your country in enduring. I will continue to follow this terrible situation.  Take care!

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