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Natural Language from Sharon Stone: Cosmetics

Sharon Stone: Cosmetics
                                                                                                        Sharon Stone

Question:         What are your Dior favorites?

Sharon Stone:  Dior makes the best lip-glosses going.  I'm nuts 
                          about them, especially the clear one with the silver 

Sharon’s English sounds natural and casual for two reasons: 

1. Her use of ’going’ (Although the use of ‘going” at the end of a sentence is not common in a textbook, it is perfectly natural).  It is easier to understand the idea of ‘going’ if the sentence is lengthened. 

For example,
Dior makes the best lip-glosses going in the market.  (going = selling)

‘Going’ has the idea of ‘selling’ in this case.  Sharon has shortened her sentence because the idea is clear to a native speaker.  Also, in a more formal English situation, I wouldn’t use ‘going’.  Instead I would use the direct word ‘selling’.

2.Another reason Sharon’s language feels casual/informal is because she uses the common expression ‘nuts about’ (to be nuts about something/someone = to really like or love something/someone).  This casual expression using a simple food name has been around a long time in the English language.  It probably sounds a bit weird but it’s a very common expression for all ages of North Americans.  Try not to think to deeply about the image/idea or you will go nuts (to go nuts = to go crazy = to become crazy). 

 Here is Sharon’s language pattern for your next expanded conversation style:

Speaking Pattern

________ makes the best ___________ going. 

I’m nuts about them, especially the ______________.

Here are some examples to get you started:

1.Maybelline makes the best concealers going.  I’m nuts about them, especially the one with 2-in-1 concealer and highlighter.

2.Olay makes the best anti-aging products going.  I’m nuts about them, especially the one for night time recovery.

3.M.A.C. makes the best lipsticks going.  I’m nuts about them, especially the one for Surfers.

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