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Avril Lavigne: Dating

Avril Lavigne Maxim

Question: What type of boys are you into?

Avril Lavigne:  Boys with guitars…they’re really fucking hot. I 
                          could never date a preppy guy. 

Speaking Style

In conversation, with friends, the type of person you like to date often occurs.  Guys and girls often spend hours talking about the type of person they like or don’t like.  Today, we will look at how to start talking naturally about dating.

Avril has a young, vibrant style of casual conversation.  In this case, she is asked about the type of guys she likes.  She gives a good strong answer with her ideal type and what she doesn’t like.  In some cultures, we might avoid the part about what we ‘don’t like’ but in English it comes across naturally.

Avril also uses common expressions to make her feelings vibrant or passionate.  Speaking with passion makes people want to listen to you.  Let’s change the question and answer expressions into direct English with the same meanings. 

Question: What type of boys are you 'into'?
                   = What type of boys do you 'like'? (same meaning)

Avril: Boys with guitars they’re really 'fucking hot'.  I could     
           never date a 'preppy guy'.    
           = Avril: Boys with guitars they’re really, 'really 
              attractive and sexy'.  
              I could never date a guy who wears 'neat, classic
              clothing with a preparatory school style'. 
              (same meaning)
Casual Slang Word Summary

1. 'fucking' = very

2. 'hot' = really attractive and sexy

3. 'preppy guy' = a guy who wears young but classic clothing that is neat and well put together.  The clothing is usually expensive.  This fashion style comes from clothing designed after expensive preparatory school uniforms.  Modern preppy fashion can be seen in the clothing line by ‘Tommy Hilfiger’.

Now let’s put these ideas into practice.  Below is the main speaking pattern to try out in your next English encounter with a native speaker. Also, don’t forget the slang!

Conversational Speaking Pattern

Boys with ________...they're really fucking hot.  I could never date a ________.

1. Boys with snowboards …they're really fucking hot.  I could never date a guy who doesn’t like the mountains in winter.
2. Boys with muscles …they're really fucking hot.  I could never date a skinny guy.

Girls with ________...they're really fucking hot. I could never date a ________.

3. Girls with tattoos   …they're really fucking hot.  I could never date a boring girl.
4. Girls with long hair …they're really fucking hot.  I could never date a girl with short hair.

I hope you enjoy challenging these speaking patterns in your daily life!
Take care,

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