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Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson: Giving Gifts

Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Gift Giving

The Christmas season is starting to come alive.  The stores have put up their Christmas decorations.  Talking about ‘what to give people for Christmas’ is a common conversation topic for this season.  The stars of the Twilight series tell us a little bit about their gift giving styles….

Targeted Listening
 Listen to the video to answer the questions below:

1.What kind of gifts does Kristen like to give?

2.What kind of gifts does Taylor like to give?

3.What kind of gifts does Robert like to give?

Targeted Listening Answers
1. Kristen’s Answer:  “I love giving pets when it is appropriate. “ “ I gave…ah…Josh Hutcherson…um…ah…a turtle when I worked with him.”

2. Taylor’s Answer:  “I like giving simple things.”
“Basically, I like giving creative gifts rather than just going out and buying something.”

3. Robert’s Answer:  “I was going to get my parents a boiler for Christmas.”

 Speaking Style
Both Kristen and Taylor give a generalized answer style of their gift giving style or habit: “I love/like giving _______.” Kristen expands her idea by giving a specific example ‘a turtle’.  Robert gives a specific answer for a single case (parents) of gift giving for Christmas rather than telling the listener his habit or style of gift giving.

Kristen and Taylor give an answer style that is the most common for a ‘habitual case’.  However, people also answer like Robert and give an example directly: ‘a boiler’ which ‘breaks’ the common grammar pattern (habitual case).  The interviewer is quite amused and laughing at his unique gift idea.  It’s fun and unique! 

So, listen to the video a few more times to get comfortable with the sentence styles and ideas.  Then, talk with your friends this week and find out what type of ‘gift givers ‘they are.  Enjoy!

Speaking Practice Stylized for Daily Conversation

Question: What kinds of gifts do you like giving?

1. Kristen’s Answer style:  I love giving ________. I gave ________.

2. Taylor’s Answer: Basically, I like giving ________.

3. Robert’s Answer:  I was going to get ________.

1. Kristen’s Answer style:  I love giving chocolates. I gave my best friend expensive chocolates for her birthday.

2. Taylor’s Answer style:  Basically, I like giving hand made gifts

3. Robert’s Answer style:  I was going to get my sister a gift card to her favorite store.


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