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The Language of Miss World

The Winners of Miss World 2012

Miss World 2012
Recently Ms. Wenxia Yu from The Peoples Republic of China was crowned Miss World 2012 out of 116 contestants.  The top 2 runners up were Sophie Moulds of Wales and Jessica Kahawaty of Australia. The top contestants of the 62nd Miss World Pageant put on a stunning display in all areas. 

Background & Style
The Miss World Pageant is one of the oldest and most publicized international beauty pageants in the world.  "Beauty with a Purpose" is the Miss World Pageant’s motto and banner program. Along with creating an international beauty contest, the pageant supports charities around the world. 

Speaking Styles
The Miss World beauty contestants use a formalized speaking style when creating statements or answering questions.  Let’s take a look at a few ‘moments in time’ from two of these extraordinary winners of 2012.

Wenxia YU The Language of Miss World
Winner of The Miss World Pageant
The Peoples Republic of ChinaWenxia Yu
"When I was young I felt very lucky because so many people helped me, and I hope in the future I can help more children to feel lucky," Yu, a 23-year-old aspiring music teacher said when asked why she should be crowned.

Although this is an answer to a question, Miss World Wenxia Yu creates a formalized statement.  It is powerful yet subtle.  The new Miss World is essentially saying, “I was lucky and now I hope to create luck for others” or “I was given help and now I hope to give back”.  Instead of just an answer, Wenxia Yu has created her own personal media label in one short positive message. 

Jessica Kahawaty  The Language of Miss World
2nd Runner-up for The Miss World Crown
Australia – Jessica Kahawaty
Here is an answer from Jessica Kahawaty when she was competing in Australia to become Miss World Australia. 

Question:  Are pageants still relevant in this day and age?

Jessica Kahawaty’s Answer:  They definitely are.  Pageants are an opportunity for women to be ambassadors for their countries and use their title for beneficial social and charitable purposes. Pageants also yield self-confidence for women. Miss World in particular does so, as it allows contestants to demonstrate their talents and fitness abilities.

Jessica Kahawaty’s answer is succinct and logical.  First, Jessica answers that pageants are definitely relevant in this day age.  Next, she supports her idea with 4 reasons: (1) opportunity for women to be ambassadors, (2) use their title for beneficial social and charitable purposes, (3) yield self-confidence for women, (4) contestants can demonstrate their talents and fitness abilities.  Also, because Miss World is her goal, she highlights the singularity of the Miss World organization as being a self-confidence booster and a demonstration of talent and fitness ability.  Moreover, these ideas speak in a positive way to the negative nuance of the question, which infers that beauty contests are relics from a crass, male dominated society.  Jessica Kahawaty finessed the question like a pro speaker.

Miss World!
 A final key element that can be seen in both of the ladies speaking styles is 'formality'.  Unlike a speaker using a more casual style to communicate, they implement a
formalized presentation style that might also be found in high school, university, science, or business.   You won’t hear the contestants using speaking fillers/pauses such as aaahhh, ummh, well, let me think, or let’s see.  These are considered errors in this style of speech.  The answers need to be strong, logical, and without pause. Casual speaking fillers and pausing don’t convey these speaking/presentation ideals. 

Congratulations to all of the Miss World participants!
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