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MYCA COUTURE - Turning heads and rocking the catwalks!

MYCA COUTURE's  Cocaine Cowboy

MYCA COUTURE the hottest new fashion industry trendsetter!  Turning heads and rocking the catwalks!  From London to Ibiza, straight up Miami – It is what you will find on the dance floor!

MYCA is chic, unique, and a handcrafted luxury brand with an infinite vision. Always striving for excellence the MYCA brand name says it all….
M: Meticulous
Y: Young
C: Chic
A: Admirable

MYCA COUTURE - Fashion out of Miami!Interview
ALEX:  Please tell us a bit about yourself.

The Founder and Creative Director, Myca of the MYCA Couture Brand was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Coming from New Orleans I have incorporated the flavor of my roots into my Fashion Brand.  From an early age Fashion and creativity was instilled in me by grandmother who was a talented seamstress by hobby and a successful businesswoman by profession. I was always included in my grandmother’s daily activities and sewing tasks. She would design, thread, cut, measure, make patterns, crochet blankets, pillowcases, and sew dresses and many other garments.

Though my grandmother played a tremendous role in my development, the influence of my grandfather was much more significant and my childhood experiences birth the passion that still runs in my blood today.

ALEX:  What is MYCA Couture and what is it all about?

MYCA Couture is a Luxury Fashion Brand with an Infinite vision that represents; Art, Creative Expression, Luxury, Originality, Integrity and Excellence. Designs are Handcrafted in our Miami design studio with quality materials, great detail and precision. Each of our designs are trendsetting, one of a kind, and tell a story. Our materials consist of: wool, feathers, exotic skins, stones, beads, crystals, colored leathers and cordings.

If you ask what MYCA Couture is all about, in a nutshell: "Its modern luxury fashion meets ole skool NOLA Flair”.

ALEX:  Please highlight and tell us about a few of the premiere fashion items from MYCA Couture.

This Brand offers Chic, Trendy and Hip Signature Hats, Exotic Accessories and Jewelry for both Women and Men. Two of our staple designs are Our Signature 'Cocaine Cowboy' Hats and 'Get Twisted' Friendship Bracelets. With our hat designs, it would be remiss to think of the negative connotations tied to the Cocaine Cowboy, as it relates to the MYCA Couture Brand, it is quite the opposite. Our hat designs represent style, luxury, wealth, power and respect. MYCA Couture Signature Hats are more than just an accessory, They have meaning, They tell a story: From the Modern Fashion Era in the 'Roaring 20's' --to-- the ruthless, yet colorful history of the Cocaine Cowboys in the 1980's.  Our 'Get Twisted' Friendship Bracelets: Each bracelet conveys a different universal color meaning.

ALEX:  Why does MYCA work for people? In other words, why is the MYCA Couture fashion label growing so fast and successfully?

Because our designs are one of a kind, handcrafted in the USA, and luxury at an affordable price. The MYCA Couture fashion designs compliment almost every person’s style, from the sophisticated to the most chic and edgy fashion taste.  Most people take an interest and liking to our designs because of the uniqueness.

ALEX:  As a highly experienced and talented fashion designer, who and/or what inspires you?

I'm inspired by different travel locales, nature and the beauty of all things around me,... but most importantly and very significant, and my greatest inspiration, is my late granDaD; He was a very successful entrepreneur and a man with impeccable style and class. To me he was, "the epitome of what a man should be; a true gentleman and a man with a very unique style, unlike any other.  Truly one of a kind".

ALEX:  What did you find the most challenging about getting into the fashion industry?

I have to give major praise and all credit to GOD for giving me favor and opening so many doors which has allowed my emerging brand to develop into what it is today.

What is a common fashion ‘faux paus’ people make on a daily basis?  Would you mind revealing a fashion tip?

Trying to copy another person’s style.  Everyone has his or her own unique style. Just be yourself and allow your very own true and unique fashion sense to shine.
ALEX:  What stars have you met and which ones love to use/wear your products?

I have designed for R & B singer Jackie 'Cova Girl' Wade and also had the honor and privilege of designing for the great Jazz Legend Leo Casino.

ALEX:  What can we look forward to seeing from the MYCA Couture label in the future?

Be on the look out for our Ready-To-Wear Couture Fashions, Handbags, Shoes and a Fragrance Line. 

ALEX:   Thank you so much for sharing and taking time away from your super busy work day! 

Add some new fashion and style to dance the night away!
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