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Eating Well with Celebrity Chef Cordell

Chef Cordell - Food and Health
In Chicago and looking for an unforgettable Foodie experience? 
Celebrity Chef Cordell is the talk of city!  Classically trained in French cuisine and well known at the best restaurants in Chicago, Chef Cordell brings his extraordinary gastronomical experience to the people.  This phenomenal Celebrity Chef is engaging the ‘hearts and minds’ of the Windy City in a growing movement known as Eating Well With Chef Cordell (EWWCC). Whether he is cooking for a private clientele or educating in the Chicago Community, Celebrity Chef Cordell’s passion for food and wellness has created a buzz soon to go viral.

Alex: Chef Cordell, what sparked your interest in the culinary arts?

Chef Cordell: Since I was an early teenager, I’ve always had an affinity for cooking.  Both of my parents cooked, and they taught my sister and me at an early age.  When I was 15, I started selling cookies and brownies to classmates and church members, and it stuck with me!

Alex: What is “Eating Well with Chef Cordell” all about?

Chef Cordell: Our mission is to educate and raise awareness of healthy eating, and its benefits, to the public at large.  We purvey this via cooking classes, public speaking, food writing, Personal Chef Service, catering, and workshops/seminars.  Our long term goals include establishing urban gardens in major metropolitan cities, specifically in "food desert" areas, whereas residents of these communities will be able to learn how to farm, maintain, and produce fresh produce for sale to fellow residents.  In this process, we intend to educate and employ local citizens.  This plan will lead to establishing co-op style grocery stores in these same areas.

Alex: As an extremely talented Chef with a wide variety of styles and foods in your cooking arsenal, what are some of your favorite dishes to put on a menu for a small private party?

Chef Cordell: Thanks for the kind words, I definitely appreciate it!  I look to be as open and accommodating to my clients as possible.  Flautas of any kind, risotto cakes, salmon wontons, and most things involving duck, just to name a few. 

Alex: Where do you find the ingredients to create your culinary masterpieces?

Chef Cordell: I love supporting local Farmers markets and local butchers as much as I possibly can.  By shopping at these types of purveyors, the potentiality of freshness is increased, and you can generally talk to the growers regarding types of practices that they used to grow the foods. 

Alex: On your website Chef, Community Outreach programs/events are listed as an important part of your life, can you elaborate on that for the readers?

Chef Cordell: Community Outreach is HUGE in my business and personal life; to say anything else would be an outright lie.  With all of the help that I’ve received in both my business and personal life, I feel eternally indebted to be of service to everyone as often as possible.  Currently, I volunteer with several organizations in Chicago & Charlotte, including “Operation Frontline”, The Salvation Army, “Polished Peebles”, and a few mentoring groups for young people.  I’ve also been very fortunate to have spoken to children on the elementary and high school level, regarding cooking, careers, and motivation.

Alex: Currently, what food dishes/styles, from other countries, are you interested in?

Chef Cordell: I’m enthralled with Indian, Mediterranean, Spanish cuisines; these highly flavored and mostly healthy styles of cooking definitely excite me!

Alex: Who do you consider some of ‘the greats’ in the cooking world today?

Chef Cordell: Well two of my favorites include the late, great Patrick Clark, and Julia Childs.  Currently, Alton Brown is definitely my favorite.  I also like a few others, including Bobby Flay, Ming Tsai, Rick Bayless, and Giada de Laurentiis.

Alex: What celebrity would you like to cook for and why?

Chef Cordell: I’ve been very fortunate in being able to work with a few national celebrities to this point.  I’d LOVE to work with my favorite jazz artist, Mr. Al Jarreau.  I’d do my BEST to keep him alive for another 70 years to bless the world with his amazing talents!  Other than that, any celebrity who’d be willing to want to eat healthier!

Alex: How can people get in contact with Chef Cordell?
Chef Cordell Chicago
Chef Cordell: I can be contacted by email at, online at, and by telephone at (773) 609-FOOD (3663).

Alex: Celebrity Chef Cordell, thank you for caring and sharing! It’s been a pleasure talking to you today!  Looking forward to your radio program!  And for all you Foodies out there make sure to look up Chef Cordell the next time you are in Chicago!
Have a great week everyone! And remember you are what you eat!
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  1. It's a pity that I live so far away from Chicago and can only read about wonderful Cordell's dishes, I can't taste them!

  2. Chef Cordell is fantastic and a person who truly cares about people!
    By the way, Loved your feature this week with English Expressions using 'Dogs' as a theme! So useful!