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K’Sandra Skyrocketing to the Top!

K’Sandra's Album Cover Light and Dark
K'Sandra Light 'n' Dark Album by Andrei Photography
K’Sandra, the highly acclaimed Dance/Electronica music dynamo is skyrocketing up the charts!! 

  • Dance Artist of the Year with the album “Light 'n' Dark”!
  • The song ‘Push the Girl’ on MTV!
  • A gig at the upcoming Sundance Festival!
  • A hot new double-CD on the way - "Even Lighter - Even Darker"!

K’Sandra is Sensational, Hot, Sizzling, Electrifying, Dance Making & Boundary Shaking!  With an energetic sound synced with a primal baseline, K’Sandra is a DJ favorite. K’Sandra is PUSHING to the TOP!  This Talented Musician & Passionate Lady will not be stopped!

Let’s get an insider’s look at the Lady behind the music!

Alex: How long have you been in the music business and what got you started?

K’Sandra: Been doing music since first grade and it has been always part of my life, no matter in which stage of life I was it is a part of me. Actively being in the music business I would say I started the real business side of it just maybe 7 years ago with every step of the way being a learning journey. I started singing at a classical conservatory and later on trained with professional vocal coaches around the world, and trained dance professionally and have been always aiming towards making my passion my profession. What got me just simply started was my love for singing and expressing my emotions and feelings and pain that I sometimes carried inside of me thru singing and not thru talking.

Alex: Do you have a creative process you go through when creating a song or album? If so, would you mind sharing it?

K’Sandra: The creative process I go thru when working on a song can be just a tiny inspiration like a hummingbird flying up to me, or a very deep and dark experience that has caused that my life path or current action step needed to be changed.  Or I just simply listen to any song of Michael Jackson still to day and I hear a new song in his song. Or sometimes I am at a great rave and I hear this dominant bass line that is just filling every cell of my body with a great vibration and I feel I get an idea for a song that could be written around that bass line. That is what creation is to me, it's a never ending process of someone or something inspiring you new. When working on an album I tend to set a topic, just like movie people do when they decide to work on a movie, I see the whole concept, the whole packaging, design, story of the album and then pick which songs would be best suiting to the album. It is super important to me that an album tells a whole story and is not just like major labels love to do the best selling singles (3 or 4 of them and the rest crappy filler material). I really hate filler material. I have gotten feedback to my album Light 'n' Dark that each song is a great song and that people feel not cheated when buying my record.

Alex: How many languages do you speak and how many languages do you like to sing in?

K’Sandra: I speak 3 1/2 languages but I sing only in English (for now but I can not wait to record a Spanish single).

Alex: For people trying to find their voice in English, do you have any tips or breathing techniques that might help with talking and pronunciation?

K’Sandra: Intonation is a big thing, it is honestly not an easy thing for a foreigner to sing in English and to sound American or British. Language has been something that fascinated me my whole life and listening to the intonation and where to set the breath/pauses when singing can help a lot and to know which emotion to put into specific words. There are of course many other things relating to breathing techniques but listing those would result in me writing a book here ha-ha.

Alex: Who would you most like to open for or who do like out there in the music world these days?

K’Sandra: I used to always say Madonna when asked that question, but I have to change my mind when seeing on her last tour that she used guns on stage (for sure not real ones but still...), that is something I just don't find cool. I love guns and they are great on the shooting range if used with a smart brain and to train targeting or in a movie on set, but in front of fans???... to show creative expression, I feel that's not cool. Why not use water guns...  Of course I can not say Michael Jackson since he is resting in opening for Sting, or maybe for Bruno Mars. I like a lot of music out there though, it can change every month.

Alex: Now on to your newest video Push the Girl is being played on MTV. What was the inspiration behind the song?

K’Sandra: The song is about pushing thru boundaries and not taking no for an answer (which I have done too often before I realized it's gotten me nowhere but made me unhappy). It is about encouraging to take any action, no matter if your boyfriend or anybody is making you feel bad. Be a tough girl and don't take any shit and let others know not to mess with you even if people think it makes you arrogant or a bitch, it does not hurt to have both sides, a soft one and a rough one.

Alex: If you could open for any musician or music group, who would it be and why?

K’Sandra: As above mentioned, maybe for Sting or Bruno Mars, or maybe for Beyonce, she is a great performer and got a great stage energy.

Alex: What can we look forward to in the future from K'SANDRA?

K’Sandra: I will be releasing a double-CD called "Even Lighter - Even Darker" with some hot, nasty,nice, trancy, dubsteppy, rocky, house, techno, and remixes in 2013 were I will be working with DJs worldwide that submit their best remix of a song of "Light 'n' Dark" and the best ones picked by fans will make it onto the album.
I am also going to work on more songs and will be collaborating with some new people for my 2nd album and I do plan to release some cool merchandise and a new line of essences and maybe even my own brand of water.

Alex: K'SANDRA - you are a strong, passionate, and highly successful musician in a tough industry, what is your motto or mantra?

K’Sandra: If you are ready to go thru death to be re-born, or if you are ready to live the most horrible life to find your truth only then you are ready for success, unless you are Justin Bieber and some major label drops by and gives you a good contract or if you are Rihanna and somebody has a crush on you while vacationing and brings you to the US.... If you really want to pursuit something, no matter what profession it is and you do it for fame or just for money it's the wrong mantra, but if you do anything in your life with the outcome that it can benefit the greater good then you are on the right way.

Alex: What is the best way for people connect with you and your music?

K’Sandra Performing on Live!
K'Sandra on Stage-photo by Hayley Sargant
My whole album "Light 'n' Dark" is on iTunes and also on Pandora and of course on  
or you can go directly 
thru my own store at  

Alex:  Thank you K'Sandra for taking the time to do this interview! And we will be looking forward to the release of your new "Even Lighter - Even Darker"

K’Sandra: My pleasure Alex!

Until Next Week Enjoy K'Sandra's Push the Girl 
(live at Avec)!

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  4. Thank you for the comments! K'Sandra is an amazing person with a fantastic band! And to Klause of Hof (Germany)pleasure to have you here! Alex-Celebrity English

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    Honestly I met you through mutual friends, and I really had no idea that you were a singer, not just a singer, but a performer, dancer, entertainer, and truly gifted , full of heart! A beautiful women inside and out!
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