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Best of Celebrity English 2012

The year has already come and gone! People are reflecting on 2012 to see what they accomplished and are currently gearing up for a fabulous 2013!

For the last post at Celebrity English for 2012, I would like to highlight the most read features of the year.  Here are the TOP 10 Celebrity Features of 2012! Enjoy!  

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Celebrity English

Celebrity English
Jason R. Levine

Celebrity English

Celebrity English
Katy Perry

Celebrity English

Celebrity English
Mickey Strange

Celebrity English

Celebrity English
Justin Bieber

Celebrity English
Fran Capo

Let's have an Epic New Year! 
Celebrity English Happy New Year

Thank you to all for all the support and friendships!
Celebrity English
 Alex Graham
Celebrity English

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

Justin Bieber - Under the Mistletoe
 Christmas is almost here!  Trees are decorated, parties are happening and Christmas music is everywhere!   Justin Bieber’s song "Mistletoe" is back on the air and in the stores!  It debuted in 2011 and is still on many people’s Xmas music play list.  So don’t be surprised if you keep hearing this song wherever you go!

Check out the video and try to fill in the missing blanks below. Enjoy!

 "Mistletoe" by Justin Bieber

It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer
I should be playing in the winter snow
But I'mma be under the mistletoe

I don’t wanna miss out on the holiday
But I can’t stop staring at your face
I should be playing in the winter snow
But I’mma be under the 1________

With you, shawty with you
With you, shawty with you
With you under the mistletoe

Everyone's gathering around the fire
2________roasting like a hot July
I should be chilling with 3________, I know
But I’mma be under the mistletoe

Word on the street 4________'s coming tonight,
5________'s flying through the sky so high
I should be 6________, I know
But I’mma be under the mistletoe

With you, shawty with you
With you, shawty with you
With you under the mistletoe

With you, shawty with you
With you, shawty with you
With you under the mistletoe

Aye, love, the 7_______followed the star
The way I followed my heart
And it led me to a 8________

Aye, love, don't you buy me nothing
'cause I am feeling one thing, your lips on my lips
That’s a merry, 9________

It’s the most beautiful time of the year
Lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer
I should be playing in the winter snow
But I’mma be under the mistletoe

I don’t wanna miss out on the holiday
But I can’t stop staring at your face
I should be playing in the winter snow
But I’mma be under the mistletoe

With you, shawty with you
With you, shawty with you
With you under the mistletoe

With you, shawty with you
With you, shawty with you
With you, under the mistletoe, under the mistletoe

Kiss me underneath the mistletoe
Show me baby that you love me so-oh-oh
Oh, oh, ohhh

Kiss me underneath the mistletoe,
Show me baby that you love me so-oh-oh
Oh, oh, ohhh

Listening Answers
1. mistletoe 
2. Chestnuts
3. my folks
4. Santa
5. Reindeer
6. making a list
7. wise men
8. miracle
9. merry Christmas

Ok, now go through the video one more time and answer the Comprehension Questions below.  However to help you out, I have given you the meanings to some of the key slang terms from the song.

Justin Bieber - Christmas
 Slang Terms & Meanings from Justin Bieber

wanna = want to

imma be =  I am going to be.

a "shawty" = a pretty girl.

Comprehension Questions

(1)What is mistletoe?
        A plant; see picture of Mickey and Minnie under the mistletoe below.
(2)What usually happens under the mistletoe?
      Christmas custom, any two people who meet under a hanging of mistletoe are obliged to kiss.
(3)Does Justin Bieber want a Christmas gift from his girlfriend?
(4)What does Justin Bieber want to do for Christmas?
       He wants to be together with his girlfriend under the mistletoe.
(5)What are some of the Christmas activities that Justin Bieber feels he ‘should be’ doing?
       He should be: playing in the winter snow, chilling with his folks, making a list.
                                      Happy Holidays!

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Monday, 10 December 2012

A Magical Christmas with Tom Cruise

AChristmas Memory with Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

 Christmas is a time to share with family and friends.  Also people will be talking about Christmas memories from the past.  Let’s take a look at Tom Cruise’s favorite Christmas as a child... 

Interviewer: When I was a kid the time of year that I loved was Christmas because it was the only magic time.  Didn’t you one year, I read that there was a gift of poems.

Tom Cruise: Yeah

Interviewer: Tell me.

Tom Cruise:  As I said, a beautiful mother, and it was actually the first Christmas when my parents were divorced and we didn’t have any money. And really not enough to buy each other a present.  And all of the money kind of went to…well didn’t kind of, it went into paying for food on the table.  And so my mother said listen: “What we are going to do is we are not going to buy each other gifts.  We are going to pick names out of hat.  And for a month you are going to do something for that person and on Christmas day we are going to reveal who you are and we are going to write poems for each other.

Tom Cruise: It was actually the best Christmas I had as a kid! It was a great Christmas!

Interviewer: It sounds like a great Christmas.


The story is direct.  Tom starts by setting the ‘scene’ for the listener.  His parents had just divorced.  There was no money to spend on Christmas gifts.  Food was the most important item.  Tom uses past verb tenses to create the scene for the listener. 

Next, Tom tells the story from his mother’s words.  She is using ‘going to’ to express a future within the story time period.  This gives the story a change of pace.  It feels like we are there with Tom, listening to his mother’s Christmas plan.  It is a nice style and more interesting than telling a whole story with past tense verbs only.  Also, changing the pace of a story helps keeps the listener interested.  In the final two sentences Tom reverts back to the use of past tense verbs and finishes telling the story.  Tom reveals the importance of this memory to the listener with great enthusiasm and excitement in his voice:  this was the best Christmas he had as a kid with excitement in his voice.  The excitement in his voice also creates interest from the listener. 

If you want to try out Tom’s Christmas Memory/Story Style, here it is:

Tom’s Story Telling Template:

1.Set the scene in the past in your own ‘voice’ or perspective.
2.Have one of the main characters in the scene/memory tell the story.
3.Return to your own ‘voice’ and why it was important to you (enthusiastically).

Full and original interview with Tom Cruise 'Christmas Memory" 
(Counter: 6:05 - 7:01 – ‘Christmas Memory’ portion of interview)

Tom’s latest movie Trailer



Celebrity English Christmas
 Celebrity English
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Monday, 3 December 2012

Little Angels

Angels in our day and time!
Little Angels at Celebrity English
Little Angels!
This week at Celebrity English we are fortunate to be able to interview Tammy Armstrong.  Tammy is a highly educated expert from the field of “education and training for individuals who are severely disabled” and serves as the Director of Developmental Training at the world class Little Angels Center for ExceptionalCare in Elgin Illinois.

"Love, care and support, just like Family!" is one of the motto's at the Little Angels Center for Exceptional care.   Let’s take a look inside the world of Little Angels


Alex Graham: Please tell us a bit about ‘Little Angels’ and the story behind this phenomenal center.

Tammy Armstrong: In 1958, Pat Wasmond, a registered nurse and mother, began her life’s mission to help children who could not help themselves — and to always love them like her own. Her passion began simply by opening her home to a prominent doctor’s child who required 24 hour care and support. It didn’t take long for word to spread about the exceptional care this child was receiving and soon others came to Pat for help. Pat, along with husband Bob opened their home to several disabled children in need. And with that, Little Angels was founded. Now, over 50 years later, Little Angels has grown into a 57 bed skilled care nursing facility caring for children and young adults with complex physical, developmental and medical needs. Our residents are all in wheelchairs, require total assistance for all activities of daily life and are in need of 24 hour nursing care.

Alex: The Little Angels Developmental Training Program has implemented the most modern and up-to-date training techniques for young adults. Can you give us some specific training methods or techniques used to create the best possible environment for the participants?

Tammy: First you need an environment and activities that address all 5 senses. Our residents learn best through a variety of sensory experiences, due to the physical and cognitive challenges they face. Our Snoezelen room is a perfect example of providing a multi-sensory experience through modern technology. (Pronounced Soo-zlen. This is sensory stimulatory equipment that was created, in Holland, specifically for individuals with severe sensory impairments.) We can customize the experience to meet a variety of individual needs. Secondly, you need to make use of the technology available now through a variety of adaptive devices and communication systems. These adaptive devices can give an individual independence and control over their environment with a small movement of an arm, leg or head. There are communication systems that will “talk” for individual using body movement and even just an eye gaze.

Alex: Also, Could you give us a general example of the day in the life of a Little Angel?
 Tammy: Our resident’s days are not unlike yours and mine. They wake up and face the same activities and events we all do. School aged residents get ready for school in the morning. Eat breakfast, get dressed, and get primped and beautified… True, they need assistance with all these activities, but they help to the best of their abilities. Then it’s out the front door to their school bus. Our residents who are over age 21 get ready for their Day Training Program with the same morning activities. This program is adjacent to the Little Angels residence so they can just be pushed in their wheelchair directly to their program. At the end of the day they all come back home and have group activities, eat dinner, have quiet time to watch TV and listen to music and get ready for bed.

Little Angels Celebrity English Interview

Alex: Having a child is a life-changing event for parents and sometimes children come into this world in need of some pretty complex medical needs. If a new parent is facing this type of life challenge what advice would you give them.

Tammy: Learn how to look for and accept help and support. You know the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well with a child with severe disabilities and health issues, it takes a large, compassionate, loving village. There are many folks out there who either have gone through similar experiences and can help you or who are put on this earth to help people like you. You may have to search a little bit, but there are many people out there who are able to and want to help you.

Alex: What are some of the biggest misconceptions you hear from people on a regular basis?

Tammy: People assume that our resident’s lives are sad or that our residents are sad. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Our residents are who they are. This is the life they have been given and the only life they know. They can’t walk, but they have fantastic, comfortable wheelchairs in which to get around; they don’t talk but they sure do communicate; they have likes, dislikes, they love and are loved in return. They lead happy, fulfilled, loving lives.

Alex: What have some of these wonderful ‘Little Angels’ taught the people around them?
Little Angels Interview Celebrity english
Tammy: Unconditional love – these individual love their families and caregivers, regardless of who they are, how much money they, where they come from or what they do. They demonstrate great perseverance. They work diligently to make best use of their skills and abilities, despite the many challenges to accomplish goals. How to simply just enjoy life!

Alex: I saw on The Little Angels website a very unique button called ‘Angel Songs’. What is Angel Songs’?

Tammy: Angel Songs is a gala that we hold annually. It’s a fundraiser, but just as important, it’s a celebration of Little Angels. We celebrate our resident’s lives, their accomplishments and we celebrate the staff and friends who love and support these individuals.

Alex: For people who want to get involved or help out, what can they do? How can they connect with you?

Little Angels logo
 Please check out our website at Sign up to receive our newsletters. If you live in the Northern Illinois area we’d love to give you a tour of our facilities and introduce you to our wonderful residents and staff. For questions or information please contact Mary jean Adkins at 847.741.1609 x 101.

Alex: Thank you Tammy Armstrong for this wonderful, informative interview! 

Tammy: You are welcome and thanks again for this opportunity.

Alex:  Special thanks to Mary jean Adkins, Director of Development at Little Angels, who was an indispensable part of this fantastic interview!

I am Alex Graham of Celebrity English and privileged to be blessed by the "Little Angels" today! Best wishes and love to these extraordinary people!

Never met an Angel?

Here is the Little Angels Family Video

 See you next week!
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