Monday, 21 January 2013

Product Celebrities for 2013!

Successful in 2013!

What is new and exciting in 2013?  A fresh year has just begun!  Let’s take a quick look at what companies are coming out with in 2013!  Here are a few of the next product celebrities of 2013! 

2013 BMW M3 Sedan_new
2013 BMW M3 Sedan

Xbox720 _Microsoft_Loop
 Xbox720 (Microsoft)

Jurassic Park 3D (Universal Pictures)


Amazon Smart Phone_2013_anticipated
 Amazon Smart Phone

Google’s Reality Glasses_2013
 Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses

 Girl meets World (Disney)

What products do you think will be 'hot' (=successful) in 2013?

Natural Language Learning

Talking about new products is exciting and interesting for everyone!  People are always looking for “What’s next?”.  This topic usually generates interesting conversations with friends and even with people you don’t know so well.  It is also a great conversation starter!

Let’s try the products from above with the language expression "coming out with"!

Language Pattern

company name + coming out with +  product name

Be + verb ing  form
-Present continuous being used to signify the future.

3 part verb
-"to come out with something" = bring into existence, produce, create.

Language Feeling of the 3 part verb
“to come out with something” (1)Common 3 part verb used in Business English or Casual conversations. (2)Often used with famous names; especially business companies.

Product Name:  2013 M3 Sedan
Company: BMW
BMW is coming out with the 2013 M3 Sedan.

Product Name: Xbox720
Company: Microsoft
Microsoft is coming out with the Xbox720 this year. 

Product Name: Jurassic Park 3D
Company: Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures is coming out with Jurassic Park 3D in April. 

Now you try it!

(4)Amazon Smart Phone
Amazon is coming out with a Smart Phone this year.
(5)Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses
Google is coming out with Augmented Reality Glasses in 2013.
(6)Girl meets World (Disney)
Disney is coming out with Girl Meets World toward the end of 2013.

So go have some English Language Learning Adventures! Let’s start 2013 with a fresh new conversations and friendships! 

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Always happy to meet new people! See you next week!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Inside Hollywood Photography

Inside Hollywood Photography Graphics Metropolis
Featured on Vogue and the 2012 RAW Award winner, Irvin Rivera’s stunning photography is taking Los Angeles by storm!  This brilliant, self-taught celebrity photographer is the talk of LA!

Alex Graham: Please tell us about yourself and Graphic Metropolis?

Irvin Rivera: Hello Alex,

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Irvin here, a self taught fashion, commercial and portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, California.

I, together with some friends and creatives, represent Graphics Metropolis.

Graphics Metropolis is a brand name I came up with when I started to consider taking photography into another level.

Instead of using my name-photography as a brand name, I thought of something that could cover the bases of what I do, and also something that could yield an easy recall in people’s heads. 

Alex: What do you enjoy about being a photographer?

Irvin: Being a photographer pushes me to exercise my creativity to new heights. It enables me to create and recreate worlds, ideas, and feelings. It allows me travel to places. It allows me to meet and interact with different people and interpret their layers of complexities.

Photography allows me to tell stories in many ways. It is kind of spiritual. It’s not just an art, not just a journey, it is something really personal.

Being a photographer means being able to time travel on your own. That’s what I love about it.

Alex: You are a brilliant self-taught professional photographer. How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

Irvin: Thank you Alex!

Yes, I am self-taught but I wouldn’t be confident enough to say that I am brilliant enough like the masters in the various fields of photography.

Hmm, I keep shooting photos. Just keep taking photos. I believe that is how you continuously develop your eye and your style. Take note of other photographer’s work and always see the trends (especially if you want to take fashion as your niche). Never ever be content. Never be afraid to experiment.

Alex: In your opinion, what makes a good picture stand out from the average?

Irvin: A good picture awakens the senses. It moves you. It may disturb you, or amuse you, or puzzle you, but if it evokes and stir something inside you, I believe it is a good picture.

Alex: Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

Irvin: The girl wearing a red dress on the street is still my favorite. It is one of my earliest fashion shoots and I was with amazing people that day. That image helped propel my portfolio.

Vogue Link

 Vogue Link

Alex:  Who are some of your favorite photographers and why?

Irvin: Avedon for his timeless, classic attack. Leiboviz for her dreamy, modern style.  An Le for his visions and the soul of his images.  

Alex: As a professional photographer, what areas would you like to expand into or experiment with?

Irvin: I would love to learn more about digital manipulation and video editing.

Alex: What can we look forward to from Irvin/Graphics Metropolis in the New Year?

Irvin: More fashion editorials, crazier stories, and possibly more blog entries. :)

Alex: Thank you very much Irvin!  It has been my pleasure.  Looking forward to more fantastic photography work from Graphics Metropolis in 2013!

Check out A Behind the Scenes Look at a Photo Shoot by Graphics Metropolis!

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions 2013

What are the Stars doing in 2013?

2013 is off and running!   
Happy New Year to everybody around the World! 
To start the year off right, let’s take a look at some Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions. 

Celebrity English Ashton Kutcher New Year’s Resolutions
 “To be more sympathetic and generous.”
Ashton Kutcher – Actor and model

Celebrity English New Years 2013 J.J. Abrams
 “Not to work so much” in 2013.”
J.J. Abrams - Filmmaker and TV show producer

2013 Celebrity English New Year’s Resolutions Kelly ripa
 "Not to sweat the small stuff.”
Kelly Ripa – Actress and TV host

Sweet! “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”

Language Learning Section

At this time of year, everyone is saying “Happy New Year!” or “What did you do at New Years?” or “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”
From the Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions we can get some pretty cool and natural English for talking with friends and colleagues. 

Let’s take a look at the Question:
“What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”

The question is usually in the plural form but your answer can be singular (1 idea) or plural (2 or more ideas).  Also, you probably noticed that the 'Celebrity Answers' all used short answers and omitted part of the grammar in their answers.  This is quite common when answering the New Year’s Resolution Question.

Long style of speaking
(1)My New Year’s resolutions are “To be more sympathetic and generous.”
(2)My New Year’s resolution is “Not to work so much in 2013.”
(3)My New Year’s resolution is "Not to sweat the small stuff.” (expression: ‘not to sweat the small stuff’ = not to worry about the trivial, small, or unimportant things in your life)  

Natural English Speaking Practice

“What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”
(1)”To be more sympathetic and generous.”
(2)“Not to work so much in 2013.”
(3)"Not to sweat the small stuff.”

Some Ideas to get you started:

(1)”To be more helpful and caring.”
(2)“Not to eat so much in 2013.”
(3)"Not to worry about the small things in life.”

Find a friend to practice this New Year’s Speaking Style this week. Also, ask everyone you meet and chat with online: “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?”

Write down or record their answers.  I am sure you will get lots of new and interesting phrases and ideas.  And of course, understand your friends better and find new ones. 
So enjoy your week!  And my New Year’s resolution is to make more friends on face book!

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