Monday, 21 January 2013

Product Celebrities for 2013!

Successful in 2013!

What is new and exciting in 2013?  A fresh year has just begun!  Let’s take a quick look at what companies are coming out with in 2013!  Here are a few of the next product celebrities of 2013! 

2013 BMW M3 Sedan_new
2013 BMW M3 Sedan

Xbox720 _Microsoft_Loop
 Xbox720 (Microsoft)

Jurassic Park 3D (Universal Pictures)


Amazon Smart Phone_2013_anticipated
 Amazon Smart Phone

Google’s Reality Glasses_2013
 Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses

 Girl meets World (Disney)

What products do you think will be 'hot' (=successful) in 2013?

Natural Language Learning

Talking about new products is exciting and interesting for everyone!  People are always looking for “What’s next?”.  This topic usually generates interesting conversations with friends and even with people you don’t know so well.  It is also a great conversation starter!

Let’s try the products from above with the language expression "coming out with"!

Language Pattern

company name + coming out with +  product name

Be + verb ing  form
-Present continuous being used to signify the future.

3 part verb
-"to come out with something" = bring into existence, produce, create.

Language Feeling of the 3 part verb
“to come out with something” (1)Common 3 part verb used in Business English or Casual conversations. (2)Often used with famous names; especially business companies.

Product Name:  2013 M3 Sedan
Company: BMW
BMW is coming out with the 2013 M3 Sedan.

Product Name: Xbox720
Company: Microsoft
Microsoft is coming out with the Xbox720 this year. 

Product Name: Jurassic Park 3D
Company: Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures is coming out with Jurassic Park 3D in April. 

Now you try it!

(4)Amazon Smart Phone
Amazon is coming out with a Smart Phone this year.
(5)Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses
Google is coming out with Augmented Reality Glasses in 2013.
(6)Girl meets World (Disney)
Disney is coming out with Girl Meets World toward the end of 2013.

So go have some English Language Learning Adventures! Let’s start 2013 with a fresh new conversations and friendships! 

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Always happy to meet new people! See you next week!

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  1. Your lesson is a always great! And I think that Google's glasses will definitely be a success!