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Sabrina Signs Creating Spectacular EDM!

Sabrina Signs Interview Celebrity English
The Spectacular Sabrina Signs is making electric dance waves in the American EDM scene and now internationally!  From her touching 2010 song "Homeless" to Sabrina’s 2013 latest hit's "Even If You're Crazy", "Predator" and "Emotions", this dynamic lady is getting massive attention!  

Creating Spectacular EDM!

Alex Graham:  Please tell us a bit about yourself and how got started in the music business?
Sabrina Signs:  Ever since I was little I wanted to be a singer. When I was in 5th grade, my parents signed me up for a contest in L.A. for modeling and acting. Then, I found out they also had a category for singing.  I begged them to let me join, and thankfully they did. The contest had over 5000 contestants. To my surprise, I ended up in the top five as a singer. That made me believe I really could follow my dream.

Alex:  What kind of music do you like to create and Why?
Sabrina:  I love electronic dance music. I love fact that people really dance to it with all the different sounds and creativity that I can put into it. People can let loose and be free.

Alex:  Although it is probably painful or unpleasant, would you mind telling us a bit about your song and video Homeless?

Sabrina:  That was a hard time for me and my family. I am glad I made the song and video it was a major part of my life.  I don't like to dwell on it.  I like to think about the positive and that people can overcome these types of obstacles.  I think about the people who helped my family out during that dark time. Many of them were just regular people who stopped and reached out when all I wanted to do was withdraw.  It was a learning experience. One day I would like to make a positive contribution for the homeless.

Alex:  You just released a fantastic new song and video called Emotions! 

Sabrina:  "Even If You're Crazy" and Predator are on my "Experiment" EP. I am currently working on an album. It will be on that album. I've been so lucky to be able to work with an amazing DJ/Producer, Lenny Ruckus. Together, we plan on putting out more songs, hit the local clubs with performances and work our way up to touring. I really love to be on stage in front of my fans and friends. Lenny and I have a lot of energy that reaches out to the audience when we perform. We hope to keep the momentum going. Stay tuned, Lenny and I have some spooky stuff coming out for Halloween the song's called "Thirst"!! Hope you're excited too!~ 

Alex:  As a musical artist, who inspires you?
Sabrina:  I'm really inspired by many. My team, the fans, friends, and family inspire me to keep going. The Bay Area DJ's (California) were so welcoming to me and they started to spin my music at local venues! They were so encouraging.   My music is inspired by events in my life.  I'm inspired by different genres and sounds. It's really hard for me to describe because of all the different genres. It's so motivating hearing my song debuted by St. John on the famous House Nation show on 99.7[NOW] in San Francisco. Also getting played on DJ Panama's show Planet Z on 97.1 in Salt Lake City as well as on the Bassment Party with The LHK out of Dallas. DJ AP Stooker, from EDM JAM RADIO in the Netherlands also plays my songs on his show, Apsolutely Dance. So I guess my music is really playing all over the world and that makes me very happy. I'm so thankful for all their support.

Alex:  What is next for Sabrina Signs? And how can you follow your exciting career?
Sabrina:  Oh man, so many things are coming up. But, I'm releasing it little by little. Right now we're finishing up an album and releasing the songs one by one. I'm hoping eventually to tour the world. I plan on collaborating with a lot of amazing artists in the near future. But, those are a secret!~ To stay tuned you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and basically any social media site you can think of. I love to talk to my followers. Join my adventure!~

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Alex:  Thank you very much Sabrina Signs! It has been wonderful! Celebrity English is looking forward to following your continued successes! 

 "It is definitely your time!"

Sabrina: Thank you too Alex.

And until next week check out THIRST by Sabrina Signs! Make sure to use this fantastic Halloween beat at your Halloween Party! Or give it to your favorite DJ!  They will love it!

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